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Bathroom Installation

The Bromley Bathroom Company specialise in bathrooms. From start to finish we will ensure continuity with the person selling you the bathroom, fitting and project managing it. A professional skilled in every aspect of your bathroom installation, who will take responsibility for ensuring the end result exceeds your desires.

Once again, we refer you to our ‘Checkatrade’ page where you can read our many testimonials. WE PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS! There is no other company we are aware of, who offer the same service as we do and use ‘Checkatrade’ to ensure the customer can be confident the testimonials they read are real! Ask yourself why this is. 

You are spending a lot of money, surely you need to ensure you’re using a professional company, rather than one which is all talk, with no substance.

Remember anyone can claim to do the job, but we encourage our customers to give feedback about our service on ‘Checkatrade’. The proof is in the pudding!